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By Senior Analyst Talal Kapoor

King Abdallah has worked to place his own sons in positions of power and influence, much as the late King Saud did for his progeny. During Saud's reign, it was thought that the king was preparing the ground for one of his sons to take the throne after him, altering the rules of succession. Could the same charge be levelled against Abdallah now?
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Royal Family News
US Shouldn't Divulge IS Combat Plans: Prince Turki al-Faysal
The former head of intelligence for Saudi Arabia has criticized American anti-terrorism tactics, saying U.S. President Barack Obama was wrong to rule out sending troops to Syria and Iraq. "You should not tell your enemy what you're not going to use against him beforehand," Turki bin Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia's royal family told CNBC.
Prince Abd al-Aziz bin Abdallah Wants Chance To Amend $25M Suit Over Mansion
A company owned by a Saudi prince on Thursday urged a California appeals court to revive its $25 million lawsuit alleging the city of Los Angeles abused its power by halting construction of a 60,000-square-foot property after a billionaire neighbor complained, saying plaintiffs deserve a chance to amend the complaint.
Daughter of Prince Khalid bin Abdallah Marries
Prince Dr. Khalid bin Abdallah bin Muqrin celebrated the wedding of his daughter to Faysal bin Salih al-Mazru' in a ceremony at the Palace of Culture in Riyadh. .
Saudi Business News
Saudi Prince becomes new owner of Raimondi Cranes
His Royal Highness, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed Al Saud has purchased Raimondi Cranes SpA for an undisclosed fee. The Saudi royal, who is the only son of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, is now owner and chairman of the 150-year-old company.
SABB/HSBC PMI Index indicates slower activity growth in July
Saudi Arabia: The Saudi British Bank "SABB" has published the results of the headline SABB/HSBC Saudi Arabia Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for July 2013 - a monthly report issued by the bank and HSBC.
STC provides Business customer with BlackBerry Q5
Saudi Arabia: STC has launched BlackBerry Q5 for the first time in Saudi Arabia for the Business customers along the chance of getting the device free of charge within Business smart device bundles.
Islamic Community News
290,726 pilgrims arrive in Kingdom
The number of pilgrims coming from abroad for this yearâ??s Hajj season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, until the end of yesterday, (Friday) September 19, 2014, amounted to 290,726 pilgrims of whom 906,708 pilgrims came by air; 807,8 by road and 577,8 by sea. This number is down by 8 % from the number of pilgrims came in the same period of previous year (Hajj 2013).
University removes books with deviant ideologies
mam Muhammad Bin Saud University here has begun reviewing the books in its library to eliminate books that spew deviant and extremist ideologies, Makkah daily reported. The university has set up a special committee to go through all books listed in the library and take improper ones off of shelves so that students do not read them, a source said.
Top Saudi scholars ban travel to fight with ISIL militants
Bloomberg // Saudi Arabiaâ??s top religious clerics issued a statement banning travel to conflict zones as the countryâ??s conservative religious establishment backs the Al Saud ruling familyâ??s efforts to defeat the Islamist militant group ISIL. The Council of Senior Islamic Scholars criticised clerics who issued fatwas justifying terrorism, saying they should be tried in court, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.
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Khalid al-Tuwayjri - The "Uncrowned King"?

Often spoken of as a "power behind the throne", the king's close adviser Khalid al-Tuwayjri plays an important role as gatekeeper to the Royal Court, but has often been fiercely criticized for his supposed influence in royal family politics. But is al-Tuwayjri really an "uncrowned king", or is it more a case of some members of the royal family venting their displeasure at a non-royal's rise to power?
The Next Generation - Passive Bystanders or Partners in Power?

The king has moved to place his own sons in positions of power and influence, while at the same time the sons of former kings and crown princes are being pushed aside. The notable exception is the sons of Nayif. Are they too strong to remove, or have they allied themselves with the current leadership to extract later advantage?
The King's Daughters - Hostages or Seeking Martyrdom?

Four daughters of King Abdallah claim to have been held against their will for over a decade, while their mother, a former wife of the king, campaigns for their release. But the issue is far more complex than meets the eye.
Prince Muqrin and the Succession: Marking Time?

The appointment of Prince Muqrin as heir to the crown prince is a remarkable innovation, ensuring political stability for the near term while delaying yet again the difficult decision over the transfer of power to the next generation of princes. But is the real object to line up the king's son Mit'ab for a place in future succession?
Crown Prince Salman's Maldives Holiday - Business or Pleasure?

Crown Prince Salman's official visit to the Maldives generated controversy after it was revealed that he had fully booked three private resort islands for himself and a large entourage, forcing other holidaymakers to make cancel their holiday plans.
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