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About Islamic Directory
The Islamic Directory focuses on the important institutions and individuals that comprise Saudi Arabia's Muslim community. The directory includes biographic information on about 1,500 scholars and shaykhs. This list includes members of government-sponsored committees like the Senior Council of the Ulema and Ifta, professors in the Kingdom's Islamic universities, well-known preachers, and critics of the regime.
Latest News
Scholars for joint plan to fight terror
Islamic scholars on Wednesday called for an integrated strategic plan and cooperation with the international community to combat terrorism and recommended efforts to defuse regional conflicts.
Muslim scholars condemn linking Islam to acts of terrorism
slamic scholars from across the world lambasted on Monday the double standard being followed at the global level in wrongly linking Islam with terrorism. Taking part in a session on the second day of the three-day Global Islamic Conference under the theme â??Countering Terrorism,â?? they said extremists from other faiths also misuse religion as an umbrella for terrorism.
Hay'a chief urges staff to uphold Islamic values
Abdulrahman Al-Sanad, head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hay'a), has urged his staff in Riyadh to perform their duties in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (Prophet's tradition).
Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Issues Statement
The official spokesman of the General Presidency of the Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Sheikh Turki bin Abdullah Al Shalil said that everything that is contained in the newspapers or social networking of statements, news or remarks by the General Presidency or one of its employees, which are not published on the site of the presidency on the Internet (www.pv.gov.sa) and the page of the official spokesman on Twitter @turki_alshleil are not official and do not represent the general presidency.
'No black market' inGrand Mosque relics
The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs has rejected reports that rare antiquities found during the expansion of the Grand Mosque has been selling for thousands of riyals on the black market. This comes in the wake of revelations in the local media that items have been sold to collectors for between SR6,000 and SR150,000.
Top 5 Shaykh Biographies

Abd al-Aziz Al al-Shaykh
Salman al-Awdah
Nasir al-Umar
Safar al-Hawali
Salih al-Fawzan

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Past Feature Articles
Saudi Arabia's Awakening Shakyhs: Where are they Today?

During the 1990's a younger generation of Saudi religious shaykhs rose to prominence on a wave of anti-Western rhetoric and criticism of Saudi government policies. A government crackdown in 1994 put some of the most prominent members of the Awakening movement in prison for the rest of the decade. Since their release, most have lost their positions within the Saudi religious-educational bureaucracy, but many have been able to resume a public, if more subdued role within the religious community.
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