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About Islamic Directory
The Islamic Directory focuses on the important institutions and individuals that comprise Saudi Arabia's Muslim community. The directory includes biographic information on about 1,500 scholars and shaykhs. This list includes members of government-sponsored committees like the Senior Council of the Ulema and Ifta, professors in the Kingdom's Islamic universities, well-known preachers, and critics of the regime.
Latest News
Low-cost Haj: Ministry begins accepting online applications
The Haj Ministry website has started accepting applications from Saudis and expatriates who wanted to make use of the low-cost Haj scheme. More than 40,000 pilgrims are expected to benefit from the low-cost Haj scheme this year, said Abdul Hameed Al-Sinani, secretary general of the Coordination Council for Domestic Haj Service Firms.
Preacher imprisoned for praising IS
Riyadh's special criminal court has sentenced a Saudi preacher to five years in prison for praising and supporting terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State (IS), during an Eid sermon at a local mosque in Riyadh in August 2013.
Al-Asheikh: Name and shame fraudsters
Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh called for drafting a list of those who are involved in forging real estate deeds, valued at SR400 billion. "Their names should be made public to shame them," he said.
1,000 preachers, interpreters to guide Hajis
More than 1,000 preachers and interpreters will work round the clock to guide and instruct pilgrims on appropriate practices and correct rites during Haj. Tawfiq Al-Sudairy, undersecretary at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, said the ministry planned to launch a number of programs for the enlightenment of pilgrims on the correct Islamic creed and to eliminate incorrect religious notions about the rites.
Haj Ministry proposes law to limit Umrah visas to 15 days
Umrah pilgrims will only be able to stay in the Kingdom for a maximum 15 days, according to new rules proposed by the Haj Ministry. Under these new rules, the service-providing companies were advised against bringing in large batches of Umrah pilgrims at any one time, especially during Ramadan.
Top 5 Shaykh Biographies

Abd al-Aziz Al al-Shaykh
Salman al-Awdah
Nasir al-Umar
Safar al-Hawali
Salih al-Fawzan

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Past Feature Articles
Saudi Arabia's Awakening Shakyhs: Where are they Today?

During the 1990's a younger generation of Saudi religious shaykhs rose to prominence on a wave of anti-Western rhetoric and criticism of Saudi government policies. A government crackdown in 1994 put some of the most prominent members of the Awakening movement in prison for the rest of the decade. Since their release, most have lost their positions within the Saudi religious-educational bureaucracy, but many have been able to resume a public, if more subdued role within the religious community.
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