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About Islamic Directory
The Islamic Directory focuses on the important institutions and individuals that comprise Saudi Arabia's Muslim community. The directory includes biographic information on about 1,500 scholars and shaykhs. This list includes members of government-sponsored committees like the Senior Council of the Ulema and Ifta, professors in the Kingdom's Islamic universities, well-known preachers, and critics of the regime.
Latest News
290,726 pilgrims arrive in Kingdom
The number of pilgrims coming from abroad for this yearâ??s Hajj season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, until the end of yesterday, (Friday) September 19, 2014, amounted to 290,726 pilgrims of whom 906,708 pilgrims came by air; 807,8 by road and 577,8 by sea. This number is down by 8 % from the number of pilgrims came in the same period of previous year (Hajj 2013).
University removes books with deviant ideologies
mam Muhammad Bin Saud University here has begun reviewing the books in its library to eliminate books that spew deviant and extremist ideologies, Makkah daily reported. The university has set up a special committee to go through all books listed in the library and take improper ones off of shelves so that students do not read them, a source said.
Top Saudi scholars ban travel to fight with ISIL militants
Bloomberg // Saudi Arabiaâ??s top religious clerics issued a statement banning travel to conflict zones as the countryâ??s conservative religious establishment backs the Al Saud ruling familyâ??s efforts to defeat the Islamist militant group ISIL. The Council of Senior Islamic Scholars criticised clerics who issued fatwas justifying terrorism, saying they should be tried in court, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.
'100 imams with extremist thoughts'
The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance has identified about 100 mosque imams out of 15,000 with extremist tendencies. He said the imams are currently being rehabilitated but will be dismissed if they do not repent, the ministry's undersecretary for mosque affairs Tawfiq Al-Sudairy announced. He said the ministry is clo
Saudi Muslim Scholars Back Al-Saud Fight With Islamic State
Saudi Arabia's top religious clerics issued a statement banning travel to conflict zones as the country's conservative religious establishment backs the Al-Saud ruling family's efforts to defeat Islamic State.
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Abd al-Aziz Al al-Shaykh
Salman al-Awdah
Nasir al-Umar
Safar al-Hawali
Salih al-Fawzan

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Past Feature Articles
Saudi Arabia's Awakening Shakyhs: Where are they Today?

During the 1990's a younger generation of Saudi religious shaykhs rose to prominence on a wave of anti-Western rhetoric and criticism of Saudi government policies. A government crackdown in 1994 put some of the most prominent members of the Awakening movement in prison for the rest of the decade. Since their release, most have lost their positions within the Saudi religious-educational bureaucracy, but many have been able to resume a public, if more subdued role within the religious community.
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