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2007-05-05 More on death of Prince Abd al-Majid
Makkah residents and citizens spoke to the English-language Arab News on the passing of Prince Abd al-Majid bin Abd al-Aziz, who died on Saturday, May 5. Abd al-Majid was...
2007-05-04 Saudi riders in Bahrain competition
Saudi riders are taking part in the 100-km Bahrain Open Endurance Horseriding Championship today in Bahrain. Prince Abdallah bin Fahd bin Abdallah represents the Saudi al...
2007-05-04 Prince Saud al-Faysal meets EU Foreign Policy Chief
In Cairo to attend to International Conference on Iraq, Foreign Minister Saud bin Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz met with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana. The two met at Sh...
2007-05-03 KM Properties and Prince Khalid bin al-Walid in hotel development project
Prince Khalid bin al-Walid bin Talal has teamed up with Dubai-based KM Properties to roll out 16,000 new hotel rooms, service apartments and housing units in the UAE. KM ...
2007-05-03 US Vice-President Cheney to meet with King Abdallah next week
Vive-President Cheney plans to travel to the Middle East next week, and will meet with King Abdallah bin Abdal-Aziz for high-level talks.Cheney, who last visited the regi...
2007-05-03 Prince Saud al-Faysal at Cairo conference
Foreign Minister Prince Saud bin Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz gave a speech at the International Conference in Iraq today in Cairo, saying that Saudi observed with concern the ...
2007-05-03 Prince Mish'al in Sharjah
Prince Mish'al bin Abd al-Aziz arrived in the Emirate of Sharjah, where he met with Crown Prince Shaykh Sultan bin Muhammad al-Qasimi. A luncheon was held in his honor. P...
2007-05-02 Princess Aliya bint Abdallah announces launch of new charitable society
A cancer awareness program was launched on Tuesday at King Faysal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Jeddah by Princess Aliya bint Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz, Chair...
2007-05-02 King Abdallah to visit Tabuk next week
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz is expected to launch a number of major projects next week when he visits the northern Tabuk region for the first time since becoming king. ...
2007-05-02 King Abdallah and President Debby hold talks
President of Chad Idris Debby visited King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz' ranch at al-Janadriyya outside Riyadh for an official round of talks tonight. King Abdallah decorated...
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