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2007-02-15 Royal family's horses race at Janadriya festival
The 22nd annual Janadriya festival for Culture and Heritage opened yesterday north of Riyadh, which includes a program of horse racing in which many family members take p...
2007-02-15 Death of Prince Mit'ab bin Bandar bin Muhammad
Prince Mit'ab bin Bandar bin Muhammad died of illness at the age of 46 while outside the Kingdom. Funeral service will take place after afternoon prayers on Friday at the...
2007-02-14 Saudi weighs buying Russian arms
Riyadh - Foreign Minister Saud bin Faysal confirmed yesterday in a press conference that Saudi Arabia was in talks with Russia over the possible purchase of Russian weapo...
2007-02-14 King, princes attend opening ceremony of Janadriya festival
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz attended races to mark the opening of the annual Janadriya Culture and Heritage Festival today. Speeches and poems were read and the sword d...
2007-02-14 King Khalid Charitable Foundation to hold ceremony
Prince Faysal bin Khalid bin Abd al-Aziz, Deputy Amir of Asir and Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the KIng Khalid Charitable Foundation, will hold a conference...
2007-02-14 Prince Abd al-Majid to arrive in Jeddah on Saturday
Prince Abd al-Majid bin Abd al-Aziz, Amir of Makkah, will arrive in Jeddah from Riyadh on Saturday, where he has been since returning to the Kingdom after medical treatme...
2007-02-14 Princess Jawahir bint Majid opens exhibition in Jeddah
Princess Jawahir bint Majid bin Abd al-Aziz opened a diplomatic bazaar in Jeddah for the benefit of visiting diplomats. The exhibition contains collections of garments, p...
2007-02-13 King Abdallah to patronize horse race
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz will patronize horse races held on the King's Two Cups in Riyadh on Friday. Abdallah also approved holding endurance horse races at the inte...
2007-02-13 Janadriya Festival opens today
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz will inaugurate the Janadriya Heritage and Culture Festival today, the largest cultural event in the Kingdom. The festival will open with an...
2007-02-13 Prince Salman to open symposium on housing
Prince Salman bin Abd al-Aziz, Amir of Riyadh region, and Chairman of the Higher Authority for the development of the city of Riyadh, will sponsor a symposium organized b...
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