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2007-04-13 Sara bint Abd al-Muhsin honored for humanitarian work
Sara bint Abd al-Muhsin al-Anqari, wife of Prince Abd al-Majid bin Abd al-Aziz, Amir of Makkah, has been named "Pioneering Arab Social Worker" by the International Publis...
2007-04-13 Prince Saud al-Faysal in interview on ABC TV
Foreign Minister Prince Saud bin Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz appeared on ABC TV's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, where he portrayed Saudi-US ties as healthy, despite Kin...
2007-04-13 Prince Faysal bin Bandar opens Festival of Heritage and Culture
Prince Faysal bin Bandar bin Abd al-Aziz, Amir of Qassim, opened the first Festival of Heritage and Culture in the region, accompnaied by Prince Dr. Faysal bin Mish'al bi...
2007-04-12 Prince Muhammad bin Nasir in regional tour
Prince Muhammad bin Nasir bin Abd al-Aziz, Amir of Jazan region, visited a number of development projects and inaugurated a water conservation and water desalination proj...
2007-04-12 King Abdallah will give speech tomorrow to open Shura council
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz will give a speech Saturday to open a new session of the Shura council. His speech will highlight the Kingdom's strategies in both foreign a...
2007-04-11 King Abdallah meets Chinese special envoy
King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz met today at the al-Yamamah Palace the Chinese special envoy to the east, Sun Bi Gan, and delegation. Later, Foreign Minister Prince Saud al...
2007-04-11 Crown Prince Sultan leads funeral prayers
Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz led prayers for the dead yesterday afternoon at Imam Turki bin Abdallah mosque in Riyadh for the deceased Shaykh Ibrahim bin Muhammad ...
2007-04-10 Hussa al-Sha'lan in campaign to promote breast cancer awareness
Hussa bint Trad al-Sha'lan, wife of King Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz, met in Riyadh with a delegation of the National Committee about to launch a campaign promoting breast c...
2007-04-10 Prince Mish'al bin Majid launches Radiology Conference
The Amir of Jeddah, Prince Mish'al bin Majid bin Abd al-Aziz, launched on Monday in Jeddah the third annual Saudi Arabia Radiology Conference. The three day event at King...
2007-04-10 Prince Turki calls US Congress "center of hostility" towards Saudi
Prince Turki vin Faysal, former Ambassador to the US, said at a symposium entilted "The Role of Diplomacy in Political Crisis" in Riyadh yesterday that the US Congress wa...
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