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2018-08-15 Saudi Arabia Goes High-Tech in Approach to Investing
2018-08-14 Saudi Prince Faces U.K. Jail Sentence in Loan Fight
2018-08-14 Saudi King and Crown Prince Host Egypt's Sisi
2018-08-12 Trump Abandons Canada in Saudi Human Rights Fight
2018-08-09 Saudi Arabia is Using Canada to Send a Message, Analysts Say
2018-08-08 Prince al-Walid bin Talal Buys Stake in Snapchat
2018-08-07 Makkah Governor Inspects Reception Center for Hajj Pilgrims
2018-08-05 Saudi Slap at Canada Shows Crown Prince's Assertiveness
2018-08-03 Governor of Qassim Visits al-Mathnab Summer Festival
2018-08-02 Freed From a Gilded Cage, a Famed Saudi Investor Returns to the Markets
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A Year As Crown Prince: Forward Progress Or Sideways Shift?

The Disappearance Of Muhammad bin Salman: Rumor Mill Or Going Rogue?

The crown prince has apparently vanished from public view, stirring speculation that he was injured, or even killed in events three weeks ago that some described at the time as an attempted coup. Given the provenance of reports raising concern over his absence, how much credence should the rumors be given?

A Palace Conflicted: Royal Family Or One-Man Rule?

Historically, the royal family of Saudi Arabia has struggled with the tension between the urge by successful rulers to solidify their power and the necessity of providing for the inclusion of less prominent princes in order to maintain domestic stability. At critical inflection points the family will either rally around a disruptive leader who challenges the status quo or find itself dissolving into disunity.

Royal Family Consensus: Shattering A Myth?

As Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman wraps up his U.S. visit, few would question his apparent status as de facto ruler of the Kingdom, and whatever questions remain about the upcoming succession center on the role family consensus will play. In fact, the more recent history of the Al Saud turns out to have been an anomaly, and the rapid elevation of the crown prince suggests that the traditional mechanisms of royal governance may have been more myth than reality.

The Crown Prince, Change And Failure: Grooming For Power?

In the midst of excited chatter over the latest news on Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, it has nearly been forgotten that King Salman is still in charge. The king, despite exaggerated reports of his declining health, continues to groom his favorite son for office, allowing him wide latitude for action while still holding back from a complete abdication.