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2019-01-15 PM Imran Khan Receives a 'Gold Kalashnikov' as a Gift From Saudi Prince
2019-01-15 Saudi Arabia's Crackdown On Dissidents May Hinder Plan To Attract Tourists
2019-01-14 Pompeo Spends 45 Minutes With Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman In Saudi Arabia
2019-01-14 A Blockade and a Murder: U.S. Faces Enduring Problems With Saudis
2018-12-30 Saudi Arabia's Government Shake-Up: Four Key Takeaways
2018-12-27 Saudi Arabia Reshuffles Council of Ministers
2018-12-27 Saudi King Shakes Up Cabinet, Keeping Power in Son�?�¢??s Hands
2018-12-26 Investors Fret Over Khashoggi Killing but Still Maintain Saudi Ties
2018-12-23 King and Crown Prince Attend Funeral Prayer For Prince Talal
2018-12-22 Prince Talal Dies Aged 87
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The Khashoggi Affair: The Downfall of Muhammad bin Salman?

Despite international condemnation, the crown prince carries on with an attitude of 'business as usual'. Yet, internal pressure is mounting, while the question of his removal depends largely on the mental state and willingness to act of his father, the king.

Bullets And Bone Saws: The Dark Side Of Prince Muhammad bin Salman?

As the crisis over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi deepens, the world is taking a second look at Saudi Arabia's crown prince, who has forged an image as a reformer and modernizer. Will the threat of international pariah status finally galvanize royal opposition at home?

The 'Dissent' of Prince Ahmad: Bad Blood or Widening Rupture?

Prince Ahmad bin Abd al-Aziz startled Saudi watchers recently by appearing to confirm the suspected chasm between the policies of the king and crown prince and the concerns of the broader royal family. Were his off-guard remarks to a crowd of protesters a clue to the family's simmering discontent, or do they reflect a more personal animosity?

The Crown Prince, Canada and Aramco: Shattering The Illusion?

The surprising decision to go on the offensive against Canada has baffled Saudi watchers, but in the context of the broader goals of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman it makes perfect sense. With sanctions comes prestige, yet at the same time a ruthless suppression of dissent at home exposes an agenda not so different from his predecessors.

Royal Crackdowns and Vanished Princes: Shakeup Or Shakedown?

As dozens of prominent individuals remain in Saudi government custody, the arrest of activists continues. Nothing is known of the true aims of the purge's beneficiary, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, though competing explanations are equally convincing.